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To create something very powerful, that will contribute to our community...

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Our ponies are trained to function as therapeutic animals...

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Step by Step

We make the world better, step by step…


Who are we

Our association, "StepbyStep" is a non-profit organization in which mini ponies are promoted as therapeutic animals and visit institutions of various types. Always with respect to our partner horses we have created something with love and with the best intentions in order to offer to our community.

Horses are very emotional and sensitive animals that need human contact and are well known for their healing properties!

Animal therapy is based on the idea of the human-animal bond, which describes the desire of individuals to interact and relate to animals. For many people, contact with a friendly animal creates a bond with them.

For many people, contact with a friendly animal creates a special bond with them. This bond can bring a calming state to the individual. Animal therapy uses this particular link in a directed way to achieve its goals. This is also the case with therapeutic ponies.

Positive interaction with ponies can lead to benefits both mentally and physically. This interaction contributes to the reduction of stress and to an overall more balanced mental and emotional state.

Our therapeutic ponies at StepbyStep, as well as their handlers, hold a degree that certifies that they are properly trained and can take part in visits to people who need it. They receive this degree from our partner, LisaAnnMoad and owner of the SevenOaks farm in Ohio, USA. We are very grateful for our cooperation with LisaAnnMoad and, of course, for the beautiful program she has created.

Seven Oaks Farm  

The smiles of the people we see on our visits are our strength and remind us why we started our club. At the same time, they encourage us to continue our work. Our volunteers play a key role in our organization, as all visits are made on a non-profit basis. Therefore, their daily help keeps us active.


Volunteers are the soul of the StepbyStep association and help our work in various ways. They contribute depending on the time they have, the experience, the skills and the services that everyone can provide.

Indicatively, the areas of voluntary employment in StepbyStep consist of the following groups and each volunteer can state the one he / she wishes to belong to:

--A group of daily cleaning of the area where the therapeutic pony ponies live.

-Pony training team. -Group of visits: Organization, participation in visits.

-Office group: Secretarial support, external work, etc.

-Resource group: Sponsorships, donations, finding resources with local groups, etc.

In addition to the groups mentioned above, there are additional areas in which one can work as a volunteer, e.g. pony operator upon certified training. 

courses by Seven Oaks Farm USA

  • 06/01/2022 0 Comments
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022..

    2021 another year has come to an end…
    For our foundation step by step this year was decisive as the foundations were laid and we saw our vision take shape… A year with strong feelings of emotion, love, joy and some moments of sadness shaped our course so far. Taking a look back we are very happy that with steady steps we managed to realize the right creation of the association and we managed to carry out as many actions as possible in these special conditions we live in. Of course we thank our volunteers and all those who help every day to keep our vision alive. Through the screen we understand that our work could not be rendered to the maximum. You attended some activities in organizations but others followed in our private space. We wish from the new year the conditions to allow us to spread our actions but also to have a natural meeting so that you can all know our vision. From our foundation step by step we wish for 2022 to bring health, love, joy and for everyone to discover their dreams


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  • 07/06/2021 0 Comments

    Today a visit was made indoors and outdoors for educational purposes, as the cupcake is in the final stage of obtaining its degree as a healing horse.

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